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How to Choose a Jeep JK Sound Bar?

Jeep JK Sound Bar

Jeep JK Sound Bar

If your jeep is your passport to the outdoors this summer, you need a good set of jeep speakers to listen to your favorite songs when sailing, or going to the beach. The factory Jeep JK soundbar system plays your favorite media well, but there is always room for improvement in sound. And whether you’re looking for a compelling best wheelchair speaker set on the market, or an upgraded cabin speaker with better bass response and clarity, there are many great options.
Here, from replacing the original equipment to attachments, look at your favorite Jeep Wrangler speakers and fix jams wherever you and your Jeep are.

Cabin speaker upgrade to Jeep JK Sound Bar

When replacing Jeep JK speakers at the factory, it is important to make sure that your selection fits the desired location. There is no speaker that suits everyone. The width and depth of the replacement must be acceptable for proper adjustment. Unfortunately, even among the Jeep JK speakers in the factory, the size of the speakers changes from year to year, so there is no easy solution. Even some after-speakers of the same size will not fit perfectly without modification due to the large mount tabs.

Therefore, it is important to have as much information as possible about the factory jeep speaker and its size before pulling the trigger for replacement. The Jeep JK Wrangler is equipped with a 6.75-inch woofer in the cargo area and a 3.5-inch tweeter with an 8-inch subwoofer that is weatherproof, if applicable. From 1997 to 2002, two 4 “x6” speakers under the Jeep TJ Wrangler and dashboard, and an optional 5.25 “speaker were installed on the roof soundbar, but the 7-speaker upgrade option was 4 It included an inch woofer. “There is also a 1-inch tweeter on the dashboard, the same 5.25-inch ceiling speakers, and a 6.75-inch subwoofer on the center console. However, between 2003 and 2006, TJ completely switched to 4-inch dash speakers and 5.25-inch roll bar speakers. The same 6.75-inch middle subwoofer as the tweeter is optional.
Of course, this is just a partial list of Jeep Wrangler factory-sized sizes. Before you buy, you need to confirm the match in some way.

How to Choose a Jeep JK Sound Bar?

Choosing a jeep soundbar is a process that requires a thorough investigation before you buy it. These are some of the features and variables you need to consider when choosing your own.
Speakers and soundbar
As mentioned earlier, you can purchase individual speakers for installation on an existing soundbar, upgrade the soundbar and speakers separately, or purchase a complete unit that includes both. Later in this guide, we will provide at least one of each option.

The most expensive (but higher quality) option is to buy an empty soundbar and individual speakers. Audio bars with speakers are usually an option in between, but speaker upgrades are the cheapest option.

Power and size ratings

Speaker ratings are very different and may look unwanted, but it is imperative that the new speaker ratings be adapted to what Jeep can handle. For example, some stereos that come with a stereo upgrade are designed to handle fewer ohms, but you should also be aware of the power and physical size that Jeep can accommodate.
Durability is an important variable to consider when the jeep is off the road. If you drive top-down or top-down, you can also look for waterproof speakers. Make sure you choose one that is durable enough for your purposes.

Aspects to consider before buying

There are a few things to consider before proceeding with the purchase of a Jeep Soundbar. Here are some of the best questions to ask yourself:

Is this soundbar an upgrade or a downgrade? Do you use the jeep mainly with the top on top or on top? Does this soundbar fit my jeep model? Top-down considerations are primarily about the amount of abuse that the audio bar needs to handle, but you also need to consider where to place it. For example, some people choose to place the soundbar behind the wheelchair rather than directly behind the driver or passenger seat.
Finally, many jeep models have the same dimensions each year, but it’s always essential to make sure that the soundbar you choose fits your vehicle. If you can’t find a resource that describes this, buy it from a website that has a returns window.

Review of the Best Jeep JK Sound Bars

Are you ready to take a look at some of our favorite Jeep JK soundbars? We’ll go over them in detail in the sections below.

Rugged Ridge 13006.47 6 Speaker Upholstered Spice Sound Bar for Jeep

Recent buyer reports for the Rugged Ridge 13006.47 6 Speaker

Modern buyers say the weathering layer may be a bit unsightly, but the product itself is a reliable-a good option for the price. Light is also a great addition. It can be a bit difficult to install due to the wrong sideline holes, but it’s easy to make a new cut.

Why does it hit us

This soundbar stands out because it’s the best plug-and-play value you can get for the money. All you have to do is modify your existing setup (if any), connect this unit, connect it to a roll cage and attack the road.


This is a great option if you need a reliable and inexpensive Jeep JK soundbar system that can withstand the effects of fine weather. It’s nice to have more color options, but if you can tolerate brown and wrinkled eyeliner, it’s still a good buy.

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