How to use soundbar for wall Mounted TV? Pro Tips

Soundbars is an excellent choice for a home theater is the soundbar for wall-mounted tv. They are compact and elegant, and they are better than ever in terms of quality.  As far as placement is concerned, they can sit on the mantle or on the bolt as well as the television (our guide), but why not take it to the next level and store it on your TV? This is how to use a soundbar for wall Mounted TV:

How to use soundbar for Wall Mounted TV?


  1. Purchase a universal soundbar-to-TV bracket
  2. If the TV is mounted, remove it from the wall
  3. Remove the TV mount (if needed) and eyeball the bracket placement, which will vary based on the mount
  4. Attach the soundbar bracket and the TV wall mount bracket to the TV
  5. Double-check that your soundbar will fit the brackets, then re-mount the TV on the wall
  6. Attach the soundbar to the bracket and test

Installing a soundbar on your TV is not a difficult process, but it is important to be prepared for success from the beginning. You need to buy a good soundbar for your TV mount and make sure the mount fits the component properly.

You may also wonder about some of the advantages and disadvantages of attaching the soundbar directly to your TV, and some of the great options for your project. The following details all of these, starting with the aspects of the assembly process.

1) Purchase a Universal Soundbar-to-TV Bracket

Universal audio bars for TV mounting brackets can be found at major retailers such as Amazon, electronics stores, and Wal-Mart. There are also audio bars for TV mounts that are specially made for a particular product, but they are generally unnecessary and expensive.

Mounting Dream Soundbar Mount (Amazon) is recommended. This works with most soundbars, and most TV wall mount systems. This is important not only for mounting the audio bar on the wall but also for mounting the TV on the wall.

2) If Mounted, Remove the TV from the Wall

If you add a soundbar, you may already have your TV mounted. Even then, don’t worry. Removing and cleaning up the soundbar can be a bit tricky, but if done correctly, it only needs to be done once.

If your TV is not mounted, you can skip this step. If you have a new TV that hasn’t been installed yet and you need to mount it on the wall during this installation, the position of the audio bar mounting bracket is based on your current location, so go ahead and set the wall mounting bracket. .. The wall was found. The mounting position will be.

3) Remove the TV Mount and Eyeball the Bracket Placement

As mentioned above, you may already have a wall bracket on your TV. Fine. In fact, this is very important because the audio bar mounting brackets must use the same holes as the wall mounting brackets, so you need to understand how these brackets are combined.

This is easy to do. For flat-screen TVs, place the TV wall mount on top of the TV to ensure that the TV mounts properly on the wall. If you haven’t tested the wall mount on the wall yet, test it first to see the correct holes to use in your TV mount.

Then place the soundbar bracket on top of the wall bracket and visually determine the holes in the soundbar bracket to use based on where you want the soundbar to hang. You may need to place the soundbar nearby for confirmation. If you have a painter or something that you can use to mark the holes, go ahead and mark them.

Leave enough space between the bottom of the TV and the top of the soundbar so that the buttons on the top of the unit work.


4) Attach the Wall Mount and Soundbar Bracket to the TV

At this point, installing the bracket and soundbar holder is easy. Use the marked holes to make sure everything is in place and secure it with the brackets and the hardware provided with the brackets.

One thing to keep in mind here is that if you run out of original screws, you may need to buy a new one at a hardware store. If you use bold threads to mount the soundbar and wall, you won’t be able to play with the screw depth on the back of the TV.

And this is not the time when you want to save something like that. These screws are for fixing the TV to the wall.

5) Check that you’re Soundbar Will Fit the Bracket, then Re-Mount the TV

Now that everything’s fastened, go ahead and check that the soundbar will fit the brackets. If it does, you’re ready to go ahead and re-mount the TV on the wall, with the soundbar still not attached. This is to prevent any extra weight or added risk of dropping the two devices together while you’re remounting the TV.

6) Attach the Soundbar and Test

Now you are ready to connect the soundbar to the stand. Use the hardware that came with the stand to hold the soundbar in place. You are now ready to connect to your TV or multimedia device via HDMI / HCMI Arc, Optical, RCA, or Bluetooth and test your device.

One thing to keep in mind here is that if you have a button at the top of the soundbar, make sure you have enough space to operate the soundbar. If you do not have enough space, you may need to remove the TV from the wall and reposition the mounting brackets.

How Do You Position Your Soundbar?

Before you mount your soundbar on the wall, there are a few things you need to know. First, you need to determine if it’s the best position to put it under your TV. Next, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the soundbar directly below the TV. And third, what features do you need to look for when deciding to mount the soundbar on the wall?

Is the best place to put a soundbar under the TV? Most screens have a soundbar just below the wall-mounted TV, but it’s worth asking if it’s really the right place. Why don’t you put it on the table or on the TV?

Do I need to install a soundbar on my TV?

Attaching a soundbar to your TV is very different from attaching a soundbar to the bottom or top of your TV. There are differences between setups, and we’ll discuss in more detail whether surround sound is a better option depending on whether it’s upstream or downstream, and the situation.

But for now, let’s take a look at some details on how attaching an audio bar to your TV will change your experience.

Mounting a Soundbar By Itself

If the TV and audio bar is installed separately, the audio from the front speakers, most often provided by the audio bar, stays in the same place as you move the TV.

If the TV is on a fixed stand, it’s probably not a big deal. If you have a large room, you can place the TV on a hinged stand and rotate it in different directions. In that case, a soundbar attached to the TV is essential.

Attach the soundbar to your TV

There are many benefits to attaching your TV to your soundbar. First, the sound works with the TV. You can also tilt or move the TV in the opposite direction so that the sound is directed at the person watching the TV.

By the way, the guided, vertically mounted soundbar also improves sound quality because it isn’t placed where the surface can absorb the vibrations of the sound or screwed into the wall. It gives your home theater system a new level of sound that you like and moves the sound further from the front of the room.

Do not mount the soundbar

Placing the soundbar in the entertainment center is more likely to collect dust, get dirty faster, and be damaged, especially if you have children or pets. It can also increase the sense of confusion. Installing a soundbar is a great way to prevent accidental damage and keep your home theater room tidy, but as mentioned earlier, some settings are better than others.

However, there is something I would like to say about whether or not a TV should be installed in general. Sometimes you don’t have a choice because the room layout has only one TV height, but if you have one, you want the TV to be eye level.

Advantages of Placing a Soundbar Below the TV

If your TV is wall-mounted and has a soundbar, the best place is just below the TV. This is because we need a soundbar near the screen to keep up with the sound transmission. The farther the audio bar is from the TV, the harder it is to sync both audio and video. You can only imagine how terrible your viewing experience will be.

When placed under the TV (the soundbar can also be placed above the TV), the soundbar is often placed at the bottom because the sound waves from the speakers are transmitted directly to the listener. Of course, this only works if the sofa is directly in front of the TV. If the sofa is directly in front of the TV, the sound waves from the soundbar are perpendicular to you.

Another advantage is the ease of controlling the device. If the audio bar is under the TV, you can easily control it with a remote control or a phone. Imagine having a soundbar on top of your TV. If you are using a remote control, raise your hand to capture the infrared signal.

Disadvantages of Placing a Soundbar Below the TV

Believe it or not, even this optimal position has its own drawbacks. One of the main drawbacks of the soundbar under the TV is its interference with the table decoration. If you have a table directly underneath the TV and some decorations on it, it can be annoying to the signals coming in and out of the soundbar. In other words, you need to make sure that nothing is placed in front of or just below the soundbar.

Where do you put all these remotes and CDs? Fortunately, there are several creative ways to display your favorite CD or DVD. You can place it next to the organizer or in another cupboard.

How to Check if Your Soundbar Can be Mounted

You’d be amazed at how there are some soundbars that aren’t compatible with wall-mounting. If you already know that you’ll be placing it on the wall, look for a soundbar that has wall mount capabilities. Some come with their own brackets, while some have to be bought separately. Soundbars that can be mounted have areas where you can place screws right in.

Tips for Optimized TV Mounting

As mentioned above, it is important to note that eye level is optimal for TV and home theater screens. Therefore, when installing your TV, here are some tips for optimizing your viewing by installing your TV so that it doesn’t strain your eyes or neck.

If you want how to use a soundbar for wall Mounted TV much higher than your eyes, choose a stand that can be tilted down. Make sure you are at a sufficient distance from the TV with your seat so that you don’t strain your neck.

If you choose a location that starts as low as possible and decides to mount it high, try it little by little. The more flexible the frame, the better. Currently, there are several high-quality plots at an affordable price that can meet the tastes of many spectators in terms of height and freedom of movement. See full-motion mounts such as the ECHOGEAR Articulating Full-Motion TV Wall Mount (Amazon).

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