Why you choose Bose TV Bluetooth Soundbar for your Home

Bose TV Bluetooth Soundbar is fair for dialogue and TV shows. This 2.0 setup lacks a dedicated center channel, so voices are not properly localized in the sound image. That said, its balanced mid-range helps to reproduce vocals in clarity and detail and has a dialogue enhancement feature to make them more crisp and clear. You can stream audiobooks and podcasts wirelessly to the bar via Bluetooth. However, it lacks auto-volume mode, which can be frustrating for users who like to watch TV at night.


The Bose TV Wireless Soundbar is a one-step, simple solution for better TV sound. It’s small but powerful, delivering a clear, balanced, and natural-sounding audio experience that enhances dialogue and bass performance.

The Bose Tv Bluetooth Soundbar provide you with more music,

More bass, more clarity, Easy to set up, and Easy to use.


Why did you choose Bose TV Bluetooth Soundbar for your Home?

The Bose TV speaker also has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can listen whenever you want. Press the “Bluetooth” button on the remote to connect a device and play music and podcasts wirelessly. While it delivers surprisingly rich and deep sound for a speaker of its size, you can press the “Bass” button on the remote for a little bit more. In Dialogue mode, the Bose TV Speaker analyzes what you’re watching to further elevate vocals so you can hear and understand every word more clearly. Simply press the “Dialogue mode” button on the remote to enable it.


Designed with simplicity in mind, the Bose TV Speaker uses a single connection to your TV via an optical audio cable (included) or an HDMI cable (sold separately), so you can go from unboxing to watching in no time. Learn how to continue using your current remote or use the included Bose TV Speaker remote.

The Bose TV Speaker is Roku TV Ready™ certified to work seamlessly with any Roku TV™ over HDMI. You’ll enjoy a smooth setup, easy access to sound settings, and compatibility with your Roku TV remote.


Bose TV Wireless Soundbar Design

Style – Bar

The Bose TV speaker is a very small soundbar. It looks very smooth because it has a smooth plastic top and a metal grill with fine holes to secure a speaker on the front and side.


Style – Subwoofer

There are no subwoofers in this setup. However, you can buy the Bose Bus Module 500 or Bose Module 700 to add a subwoofer to the mix. Note that they cannot be used wirelessly with this bar. All you need to do is buy a connection cable, which is sold separately.


Dimensions – times

Bose TV speaker dimension picture – bar

Width 23.5 “(59.6 cm)

Height 2.2 “(5.7 cm)

Depth 4.1 “(10.4 cm)

This soundbar is significantly smaller. There should be no problem fitting it into the legs of your 55-inch TV. It’s not long enough to obscure your TV until the screen flashes on the table.


Dimensions – Subwoofer

Width N/A

Height N/A

Depth N/A

Dimensions – Satellites

Width N/A

Height N/A

Depth N/A


If you want something compact and simple, the Bose TV speaker will blend nicely with your interior. It’s only 60 centimeters wide and only 5 centimeters high, so it won’t block the bottom of your TV.

At this length, it is also a good choice for small TVs. However, if you have a TV 50 “or larger, the Bose TV speaker may seem too small – unless you’re going for it, of course.

Despite the size, the construction of the soundbar is still of high quality. It feels solid and the metal grille on the front and side simultaneously adds a luxurious touch while protecting the speakers. Speaking of which, this soundbar has two full-range speakers that make up the two front channels.

And although you can easily put it in the crack of your TV, the Bose TV speaker still has a universal mounting hole under it, which is also covered with rubber screws. And back, you get all the inputs and power sources.


The Best Bose TV Soundbar Sound Quality


This soundbar is a 2.0 sound system setup, which means it only has two speakers that enhance the sound of your TV. Then again, for TV content, it creates a fairly balanced soundstage.

Testing this soundbar in our listening room was a great experience. Mids and highs were great, especially when we watched movies and TV shows. Everything that was said on-screen was loud and clear and we didn’t need subtitles to listen to the whisper conversation.

However, due to its configuration, lightning is not very pronounced. Then again, you can’t expect a bolt of strong lightning from just two speakers and no subwoofer. If you want to improve the sound profile of this soundbar in case of low notes, you can buy a base module 500.


Bose TV Soundbar Connections

Fortunately, the Bose TV speaker has an HDMI ARC input, which means it’s designed for modern TVs and setups. If you have an older device, it also has a digital optical and an AUX input.

There’s a USB port on the back, but sadly, it’s not just for updates and playback.

For wireless options, the Bose TV speaker only has Bluetooth, which you can use to stream music tracks, podcasts, and audiobooks from your smartphone. It’s a Nifty feature that some even mid-range soundbars don’t have, so it’s an advantage for Bose TV speakers.


Your Bose TV speaker is being set up

Like most soundbars, the Bose TV is a breeze to set up speakers. If you’re using an HDMI ARC or digital optical cable, you simply connect one end of the cable to the right port of the soundbar and the other end to your TV.

Either way, the installation is easy and can be completed in minutes. If you want to play music from another device, you can use a 3.5 stereo jack or a Bluetooth connection.

Although this soundbar is not compatible with the Bose app, you will not be able to enjoy its additional features.

Noise around

Given that the Bose TV speaker is only a two-channel soundbar, it is limited when it comes to surround sound. Advanced audio formats are blended into stereo, resulting in a much lower quality sound that is not submerged.

Even if this soundbar technically supports some sound formats due to ARC capabilities, the sound content is downplayed.

For speakers who can create surround sound with your Bose home theater system, check out our review of the Bose 161 speakers here.


Bose TV speakers do not include subwoofers. As mentioned, it significantly reduces its alloy performance.

If you seriously want to upgrade Bush, you can buy Boss Module 500 or Boss Module 700. You can’t connect them wirelessly, though. You will need to purchase a separate cable for connection.

Price of Bose TV speakers

The Bose TV speaker is not as expensive as its brothers like the Bose SoundTouch, 00, Bose Soundbar 500, and Bose Soundbar like00. It comes down to ০০ 600, which is a pretty good deal considering what brings it to the table.

Bose TV Soundbar Review Conclusion

While it’s not ideal for serious audiophiles or cinephiles, Bose TV Bluetooth Soundbars are an excellent choice for those looking to improve their cinema experience. It provides crisp and clear conversation, a good base, HDMI ARC capability, Bluetooth, and a simple setup. Overall, this is a great basic soundbar.

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